Collect money
for your school,
start with your own art!

Art2Fund is the most convenient and effective way of earning extra money for a school, a class at school or for a good cause, and definitely the most fun way as well!
This approach fits perfectly in with school activities and requires minimal effort on behalf of the organization and the team.

The idea is really quite simple...

All of the children create a nice drawing and their parents and other family members can order lovely products (mugs, placemats, greeting cards, etc.) with the child's drawings on them from the child's own little webshop. Funds raised go to the school.

How much can one drawing lesson make?

Apart from creative gains, there is always a nice amount of money for the class

The nicest works of art

Drawing is fun but Art2Fund really makes it very special. Real artists, proud parents, grandpas and grandmas and your own little webshop where you can sell things with your own drawing on them! Wow!

A nice amount of money

Or just a lasting memento or a combination of these along with a maximum figure set as your savings target?
The earnings of every item will go to the school.

Schools select their own profit margins.

Calculate your earnings

300 students
1080 sold products
$ 3,375.-
+/- 3.6 products per student

What are you using your raised funds for?

Updating the playground, the school library, a school outing or a good cause outside of your school. You make the choice!

Drawing and delivering things, that's all it takes!

Drawing in
the art lesson
Campaign brochures
Ordered items
The Art2Fund-approach offers nothing but benefits. No need to collect cash, no order forms or returns, no door knocking: this makes it 100% safe for the children and hardly requires any effort by the organization!

These participants are ahead of you

More than 1200 schools organize a successful Art2Fund-campaign every year

This is why schools choose to go with Art2Fund

Collecting money for your school? We can't make it any more fun or easier for you!

Educationally accountable

An Art2Fund-campaign seamlessly links into lesson programs; afterall, every school conducts art classes. As well as this, selling your own art is completely different to selling flower bulbs, collecting bottles or selling raffle tickets.

You are at the core of your own creative product and this ensures involvement by the children as well as by the homefront.

The most beautiful memories

Not just cards; there is much more than that. What could be nicer than a drinking mug with a drawing of your grandson printed on it? Or a set of his placemats?

Every sponsor will have plenty of choice; from greeting cards to a memory game with your own drawing in it and from a lovely mug to fridge magnets. You will find your artwork everywhere!

Convenient and safe!

Every child with his/her own little webshop. Sponsors can see what is for sale, buy things and pay for them online right there. No more need to go door knocking or to walking around carrying cash.

For organizers, annoying extra orders, cash money and returns are also a thing of the past. This leaves room for creativity and adminstrative tasks are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Every child's creativity; guaranteed success.

Every child's drawing is unique. We believe in the artistic talents of children; in feelings of pride related to drawings that not just end up in a box in the attic but are printed on an actual drinking mug or greeting card; in the enthusiasm of grandparents and in the joys of drawing lessons at school.

These are the strengths behind Art2Fund. Drawing and fun, plus fund raising for your school!

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